Welcome to the Ohio Disability Vote Coalition

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for a list of remaining early voting hours, links to voting webinars, information on voter protection, and a link to being a poll monitor on Election Day. Please share this with peers, clients, friends and family and encourage everyone you know to vote on November 6!

Ohio Disability Vote 2012 Campaign
Two convenient ways to join the voting bloc! Click hereDownload PDF to print the Ohio Disability Vote 2012 Campaign Form, or click here to fill it out electronically, and join our effort to build and strengthen the voting bloc of Ohioans with disabilities. The campaign form and informative letter are easily printable. Be one of the 2,012 in 2012!

The ODVC Mission

To maximize the political power of Ohioans with disabilities through nonpartisan voter education, registration and participation of all people with disabilities at all levels of the election process.

What we know about the political power of Ohioans with Disabilities:

- We know that people with disabilities have little credibility with elected officials. Letters, phone calls, testimonies and visits to legislators have changed little in terms of the supports and services needed and wanted by us.

- We know we can't match the money that lobbyists from nursing homes and other provider groups have to donate to election campaigns.

- We know we do have numbers, hundreds and thousands of us who could have a voice and could be taken seriously if we were organized as a powerful voting bloc.

- We know we could have incredible power if we were putting people into office who understood our issues, who took seriously our input.

What ODVC needs to do NOW:

- We need to increase efforts to register people with disabilities to vote and to help them to become engaged in the political process.

- We need to know exactly how many voters with disabilities and their families we have registered in Ohio and who actually vote in order to prove our strength in number!

- We need to share information about candidates and issues which are relevant to Ohioans with disabilities.

- We need to band together as one in an effort to elect and retain public policy makers who will listen and respond!